Make-up department head Christina Smith, Oscar® nominated for Schindler’s List and Hook and hair department head Barbara Lorenz and their team of stylists, had their work cut out for them on a daily basis. Every cast member and hundreds of extras had to go though full body make-up before starting the more traditional hair and make-up applications. There were more than 700 wigs used during filming.

In addition, make-up artist Matthew W. Mungle, Oscar® winner for Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Oscar®-nominated for Schindler’s List and Ghosts of Mississippi, was brought in to create the special prosthetics for Mick Jagged and The Great Gazoo.

The award-winning Jim Henson Creature Shop returned to design the puppets, one of the audience favorites from the first film.

“It is just one of those perfect things of taking a hilarious continuing gag from the television show where you have these wacky, prehistoric animals delivering these pithy, sarcastic and sophisticated put downs and remarks on human behavior and how difficult life can be as a prehistoric animal,” says Cohen.

“The actors love working with them on the set because they actually feel like they’re acting with someone who can give them a performance. They’re whimsical, they’re funny, they have expressions, they’re beautiful and the skill in design of the animals is extraordinary,” he adds.