Writing partners JIM CASH and JACK EPPS, JR. (Co-Screenwriters) have co-authored numerous box office hits over the past decade. Their credits include: Legal Eagles,starring Robert Redford and Debra Winger; Top Gun,starring Tom Cruise and Meg Ryan; The Secret of My Success, with Michael J. Fox; Turner & Hooch, starring Tom Hanks; Dick Tracy, starring Warren Beatty and Madonna; and Anaconda, starring Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz and Jon Voight.

Probably one of the most unique writing relationships in the history of Hollywood, Cash lives in East Lansing, Michigan, while Epps lives in Santa Monica, California. For the last 20 years they have been collaborating by computer across country and have only seen each other face to face a handful of times. They originally met while Epps was an undergraduate at Michigan State and Cash was his screenwriting professor. Epps moved out to California and began a career in television and then later starting writing screenplays with Cash. They sold their first screenplay and have been working together ever since.

Cash continues to teach a History of Motion Pictures course at Michigan State University, while Epps enjoys coaching competitive soccer and football in Santa Monica.